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Facts & figures
  • 4,800+
    Upfielders worldwide
  • 90+
    Countries served by Upfield
  • #1
    Global leader in plant-based foods
  • 14
    Owned Production Facilities

Upfield is a global leader in plant-based foods, at the forefront of driving positive change for both people and the planet through our established power brands and our investment in cutting-edge food research. We are market leaders across our four core categories – Plant-based Butters and Spreads, Creams, Liquids and Cheeses - driving change for both people and the planet by providing delicious, nutritious food that is better for our health and our habitat 

We serve 90 countries across the world and have over 100 scientists working at a new Upfield Food Science Centre in the heart of Europe’s ‘Silicon Valley of Foods’. They work to innovate, renovate and refresh our portfolio of products, using natural ingredients and simple, pared-back recipes. Our six iconic Power Brands - Flora, Becel + ProActiv, Rama, Country Crock, BlueBand and Violife, and local jewels, are at the heart of families, kitchens and communities the world over.

We are multicategory and multi-channel, distributing our products to retail partners and professionals around the world.

Global offices & hubs

Our Brands
Consumers all over the world 
know and love our products
Our history

Our products give people the ability to enjoy the foods they love while protecting our planet and improving their personal health. It’s always been this way.

Right from the start, our brands have been leading in plant-based innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of taste, nutrition, and health. It started with Hippolyte Mège-Mouriès, the food pioneer who first created margarine, and sold the patent to the entrepreneurial Jurgens Family in 1871. This led to the first widely sold plant-based spreads appearing in the market.

There were a couple of owners in between from the Van den Berghs to Lever Brothers and Unilever before Upfield was formed in 2018.

Our vision is to become the future of food, with a pioneering global company, transitioning the food system towards a more sustainable plant-based model of consumption that doesn’t cost the earth.

Our power brands - Flora, Becel + ProActiv, Rama, Country Crock, BlueBand and Violife - are staples around the world and here’s a taste of how it all began.

  • 2024
    We are the future of food
  • Flora Blue Paper Tub
    Launched our new innovative paper tub
  • oHistroy-image11
    Investing in world class innovation
  • Histroy-image10
    The Upfield Family grows with Violife
  • 2018
    Upfield the global leader in plant-based food is formed
  • Histroy-image8
    ProActiv proven to reduce cholesterol
  • Histroy-image7
    Flora launched in the UK
  • Histroy-image6
    The new frontier for spreads - Becel 
  • histroy-image5
    Americans open their fridges to Country Crock
  • histroy-image4
    There’s no stopping BlueBand
  • Histroy-image3
    Our iconic brands rolling out across Europe
  • Histroy-image2
    Our brands are starting to develop
  • history-images1
    The origins of the Upfield company
How we lead
Upfield's Executive Committee includes established leaders with proven track records from the food, consumer goods and health industries. Together, they bring a wealth of complementary experience, knowledge and skills to build on Upfield's strong legacy, and successfully lead the company into a new era focused on the future of food.