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Better Planet

Pioneering food that is better for the planet

Our purpose drives our targets on climate action, ensuring our business, products and packaging are more sustainable.

Our products are already demonstrably better for the planet than their dairy counterparts and we are committed to further reducing our environmental impact, sourcing our ingredients and creating our plant-based products with as minimal a climate footprint as possible. All our interventions and actions are backed by the latest science and thinking on environmental impact.

Our better planet commitments
Goal: 1 billion people choose our delicious plant-based products.
  • 1
    Drive climate action
    Reduce overall emissions to align with science-based targets and be better than net zero by 2050.
  • 2
    Communicate climate impact
    Communicate the benefit of plant-based food by labelling carbon emissions on 500 million product packs by 2025.
  • 3
    Reduce environmental impact
    Reduce our environmental impact, including a 50% reduction in waste and zero waste to landfill.
  • 4
    Plastic-free and better packaging
    Partner to innovate our way out of plastic with better packaging.
  • 5
    Always source responsibly
    To protect people, the climate and nature, we are committed to no deforestation or exploitation and 100% responsible sourcing by 2025.

What we’re doing

  • Better packaging

    Our goal is to reduce the amount of plastic in our packaging by 80% by 2030. We have created innovations in both our materials and the way they are used, concentrating on our key formats which include tubs, pots, and sachets. In line with our strategic goals, we are proudly launching one of our latest innovations, a paper tub packaging for spreads like Flora.

  • Climate action

    Within the food industry we have pioneered transparency around the carbon impact of our products and the amount of methane we generate, enabling customers and consumers to see, on-pack, the carbon impact of their products. We are on track to reach our goal of 500 product packs with carbon labelling in this way by 2030.

  • Responsible sourcing 

    We have established a robust programme of sustainable and responsible sourcing to enable consumers to make ethical considered choices. To protect people, the climate and nature, we are committed to no deforestation, or exploitation and 100% responsible sourcing by 2025.

Our other pillars

  • Plant based

    GOAL: 1 billion people choose our delicious plant-based products.

  • Healthier lives

    GOAL: 200 million lives positively impacted with access to affordable and healthy nutrition.

  • Happier people

    GOAL: 150,000 chefs, farmers and their families supported to drive the future of food.