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Healthier lives

Serving millions of people globally with affordable, healthy nutrition

Our products are healthy and affordable. We aim to impact 200 million lives with access to affordable and healthy nutrition.

We are making sure our products are healthier and more affordable than dairy products and have reached millions of consumers from lower socio-economic groups. With this focus, we are ensuring food security by helping to feed millions of people and deliver better health outcomes.

Our healthier lives commitments
Goal: 200 million lives positively impacted with access to affordable and healthy nutrition.
  • 1
    Maintain affordability

    Innovate to maintain affordability for consumers in lower socio-economic groups. 

  • 2
    Offer better nutrition 

    Deliver better nourishment by outperforming nutrition benchmarks on saturated fat and salt, with no trans-fat.

  • 3
    Educate children on nutrition 

    Provide balanced nutrition and education to 100 million children. 

  • 4
    Enable heart health 

    Enable 50 million adults to lower their risk of heart disease by offering healthier products.

  • 5
    Improve functional health

    Enable an active lifestyle and improve functional health for 50 million adults. 

What we're doing

  • Affordability

    The world has been under immense inflationary pressure, leading to more expensive ingredients for food producers and higher prices in shops for consumers. We have a wide variety of different plant and seed oils within our portfolio and have managed to maintain the percentage difference between our prices and the price of dairy butter. For the food system to shift, we need plant-based foods to be affordable for everyone.

  • Nutrition benchmarking

    We have launched our nutrition benchmarking programme, ensuring our products continue to provide a healthy source of fats based on independent, international standards. Some 95% of our plant butters and spreads already meet or exceed the nutrition benchmark on saturated fat. Unlike dairy, none of our plant-based products contain transfats. They also have lower levels of saturated fat and often offer specific additional nutritional benefits – like heart-healthy plant sterols.

  • Healthier products

    From Omega 3 & 6 to plant sterols our products support healthier lives.  Our BlueBand social impact programme continues to expand, reaching millions of children in Kenya, Indonesia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, helping educate children on the importance of a good breakfast. Fats are an essential part of a healthy diet, especially in the early years of a child’s development.

Our other pillars

  • Plant based

    GOAL: 1 billion people choose our delicious plant-based products.

  • Happier people

    GOAL: 150,000 chefs, farmers and their families supported to drive the future of food.

  • Better planet

    GOAL: Pioneer food that's better for the planet. Showcase our plant-based benefits while reducing our own footprint.