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Speak Up

Speak Up and Compliance Advice

Speak Up

Upfield operates an easy and confidential Speak Up service for all company Associates and our external business partners. This facility can be used to report any ethical or legal concerns related to the way we do business for example: workplace issues, unsafe working conditions, conflicts of interest or financial reporting. Do reference our Code of Conduct for all relevant areas.

Consumers with a concern about any of our products should please visit the Contact Us section on our website to report an issue with our Careline Services team. We will not be able to response to any messages of this nature left on our Speak Up service.

Our Speak Up service is managed by a third party so when you click on the ‘Report an Incident’ button below you will be transferred to the external site. The system will allow you to enter messages or contact us by phone (toll free) or text without recording your details (e.g. IP address, number or country location) so that you can remain anonymous. These will be forwarded to Upfield’s Chief Compliance Officer for the necessary action.

Anyone working in Upfield has the right to contact the Compliance Officer or talk to a line manager if they have any concerns. Upfield operates a Speak Up and Non-Retaliation Policy that is binding for Associates, without exception.

Report an Incident

Contact Compliance Team

If you have an ethics or compliance question, for example on gifts and invitations, or if you have an enquiry regarding any area of our Code or on any other of our compliance policies, there are three main alternatives. You can:

  1. contact any member of the compliance team
  2. email

You are also much invited to help us to develop and adjust the Compliance programme and tailor it to your business requirements by adding your ideas and suggestions.