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Financial & ESG Summary '23


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Facts & figures
  • 4,800+
    Upfielders worldwide
  • 90+
    Countries served by Upfield
  • #1
    Global leader in plant-based foods
  • 14
    Owned Production Facilities
Driving positive change; making the planet and people healthier and happier
People around the world are embracing plant-based foods for both health and ethical reasons. Our vision for a “Better Plant-Based Future” drives positive change in people’s health, their daily lives and our planet’s sustainability. In our main plant-based categories of butters & spreads, creams, liquids and cheeses, we have developed great-tasting products, that taste and perform as well as animal-based, but are made from plants. We believe that this is the future of food: food that is healthier and more sustainable for people and the planet, and that tastes really good.
Our Brands
Consumers all over the world 
know and love our products
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