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Our purpose is to make people healthier and happier with nutritious and delicious, natural, plant-based food that is good for you and for our planet.

Our current food system is unsustainable. If the diets of G20 nations today were adopted worldwide, by 2050, we would require up to seven planets to support us*. As a global leader in plant-based food, we are on a mission to drive positive change through tasty, delicious and nutritious food that is better for our planet, better for health, better for animals, and better for the budget.

Our ESG strategy contributes to several of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Stakeholders

We are committed to driving positive change within the global food system and work hard to cultivate relationships with: suppliers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), industry advocacy groups, Upfielders, consumers, investors, strategic partners, governments, communities and customers. We seek to act responsibly, fairly and transparently in our interactions along our value chain. For more information see page 33 of the Financial & ESG Summary 2022.


We take a materiality-led approach to our sustainability ambitions. Our four-pillar strategy was created by understanding what really matters to our customers, wider stakeholders and business.

In 2020, in consultation with our key stakeholders, we undertook a materiality assessment to define our material ESG topics - the issues that matter most to our business and where we make the biggest impact. These issues informed the four pillars of our strategy and our commitments. Our materiality matrix shows the relationship between the issues and the four pillars of our strategy.

Annual Reporting

Our Financial & ESG Summary 2023 sets out how we are well-positioned to make people healthier and happier with nutritious and delicious, natural, plant-based food that is good for you and our planet. Our commitments across our four pillars - Plant-Based, Healthier Lives, Happier People and Better Planet - are at the heart of our business, with tangible programmes and milestones making our targets ambitious and achievable.

*Ref:  EAT, Dr. Brent Loken, (2020) – “Diets for a Better Future: Rebooting and Reimagine Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems in the G20” Retrieved from: Diets-for-a-Better-Future_G20_National-Dietary-Guidelines.pdf (