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Plant based

Leading the food system transition with tasty, natural, plant-based food

We are revolutionising the plant-based market by leading the way and inspiring people to move to plant-based foods. We are innovating to make our products taste and perform better and we are making our products more available, so consumers can buy them more easily.

We are using natural ingredients, because we know that is what consumers want and we are advocating for a level playing field with our dairy counterparts, so we can increase our impact and remove outdated and ill-informed barriers to consumption. We are helping people move to a more sustainable diet, so they take part in more responsible consumption and production.

Our plant-based commitments
Goal: 1 billion people choose our delicious plant-based products.
  • 1
    Inspire the shift

    Build purposeful power brands that educate and inspire people to move to plant-based foods.

  • 2
    Grow impact and availability

    Increase category impact and availability to make it easier for consumers to choose plant-based foods.

  • 3
    Best taste and performance

    Always launch tastier and better-performing plant-based products.

  • 4
    Deliver plant-based

    Transform our portfolio to deliver 100% plant-based products.

  • 5
    All-natural ingredients

    Create recipes that are all natural, with simple, clean labels.

What we're doing

  • Tasty

    We reached millions of people with our fully plant-based products. We did this by completely transforming our range of plant butters to create products that are specific to the tastes and demands of different markets. We now score as well as dairy butter in taste tests of ‘butter lovers’, and our plant butter cooks and bakes like dairy in our technical tests. 

  • Natural

    Our research shows that consumers value naturalness in their butter nearly twice as much as any other product attribute.  That’s why 97% of all our ingredients by value are already natural across all recipes.  We have transformed our ingredients choices, recipes, factories and supply chain, focussing on our power brands first.  Rama has very successfully relaunched with 100% natural ingredients in Central and Eastern Europe.

  • Grow Impact & Availability

    We want everyone to enjoy our products, but regulations about product shelf-placement and on-pack claims vary across countries. Many existing frameworks are built around animal dairy products, which hampers our ability to promote the development and uptake of plant-based food. We want to create a level playing field. We have had some success, achieving equitable VAT with dairy products in Portugal.

Our other pillars

  • Healthier lives

    GOAL: 200 million lives positively impacted with access to affordable and healthy nutrition.

  • Happier people

    GOAL: 150,000 chefs, farmers and their families supported to drive the future of food.

  • Better planet

    GOAL: Pioneer food that's better for the planet. Showcase our plant-based benefits while reducing our own footprint.