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Upfield Terms & Conditions

Upfield is the largest plant-based product company in the world and our vision for a “Better Plant-based Future” drives positive change in people’s health, their daily lives and our planet’s sustainability.

At Upfield we strive for and deliver the highest quality in all we do. We work with our suppliers to achieve our shared goals in a mutual way and with respect, honesty and transparency. We are committed to leading and taking a position in responsible sourcing / supply chain, use of resources, and production.

Working with our chosen partners to ensures that together, we can build a sustainable business that is delivering a positive social impact for a better plant-based future.

Below you’ll find our legal terms and conditions that apply to you when you work with Upfield, whether as a supplier, customer or partner.

Note: These terms & conditions shall apply unless other legal terms are specifically agreed between the parties in writing. These terms may be referred to in writing (including email) as governing our contractual relationship and deemed to be effective.

Standard Upfield Terms and Conditions

                               Terms and Conditions for the Sale of Goods:
Terms and Conditions for Email Disclaimers: