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Trusted since 1871

We have been the authority in the spreads category since 1871. We have unmatched experience and know-how. Some of our brands have been around for over 100 years. Some are brand new. All are constantly evolving. We are pushing the boundaries of product design, finding innovative ways to use natural ingredients to create healthy, delicious plant-based foods.

Flora logo

Flora is Upfield’s flagship brand, now packaged in an innovative new paper tub, the first of its kind in the industry. If you love butter, but want to ‘skip the cow’, why not try new Flora, already available in the UK. It’s made from just 6 natural ingredients and tastes, spreads, bakes, cooks and performs in exactly the same way as what you use today.

Flora around the world

Becel Logo

Becel is Upfield’s ultimate ‘good for the heart’ spread. It’s made with natural plant oils which are rich in Omega3. It also tastes great and is appreciated by millions of consumers around the world.

Becel around the world

proactive packshot
ProActiv Logo

ProActiv stands for cholersterol lowering. ProActiv products contain plant sterols which have been clinically proven to lower your levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. Plant sterols can be found naturally occurring in plants, nuts and seeds. The ProActiv range was developed to promote heart health without compromising on taste.

ProActiv around the world

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Rama Melagane

Rama is a global brand with a long history. Originating from Germany, Rama is one of the biggest brands in plant based margarines in Europe as well as being present in Turkey and Colombia. Rama offers a wide range of products like plant based margarines, plant butters, liquid margarines, baking margarines and plant based creams. Rama is used for spreading, cooking, whipping, baking and helps consumers to prepare great tasting meals for their families & friends.

Rama around the world

Country crock logo

Country Crock has been churned in Kansas, America for generations. It has a familiar, country-fresh taste, made from simple natural ingredients. These days the brand has added plant butter and creams – proving to be very popular. 

Country Crock around the world

Blue band pack shot

BlueBand spread has been carefully made for the growth and development of children and can be an important part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. BlueBand is a blend of selected pure vegetable healthy fats and important vitamins that deliver essential fats to the body – which the body requires for growth and development but cannot produce.

BlueBand around the world

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Medium-Violife Block Greek White
Violife logo

Violife is a range of award-winning plant-based products made from coconut oil. All Violife products are free from dairy, preservatives, casein, lactose, gluten, nuts and soya. Violife comes from the Greek word “Vios”, which means “life”. So it’s actually life squared – live life to the full! Violife brings people together by making food for everyone. Violife is 100% plant-based and 100% delicious – everyone can enjoy it!

Violife around the world

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LATTA pack shot
Latta Logo

For over 30 years, people have enjoyed the great tasting products from LÄTTA. The natural ingredients such as rapeseed and buttermilk contribute to its great light and fresh taste. Swedish in origin, the word “Lätt” in Swedish means “light” and from the beginning, has been a part of a healthy and active lifestyle. Our LÄTTA products are primarily sold in Sweden and Germany.

Lätta around the world

I can't believe it's not butter pack shot

With 70% less saturated fat than dairy butter, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter provides unbelievable taste in spread, spray and stick forms.

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter around the world

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Tulipan Logo

A famous brand in Spain for over 70 years, made from 100% natural ingredients and fortified with Vitamins A,D,E.  Made without using any palm oil and with a delicious taste that families enjoy everyday.

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Bertolli packshot
Bertolli logo

Our Bertolli spreads are full of flavour. Made using our finest olive oil they contain less saturated fat than dairy butter and are created with a touch of the Mediterranean sunshine. The result is a flavour so vibrant you can bring the Mediterranean to your table. Bertolli is perfect to spread over crusty bread, for pan-frying and delicious melted over vegetables.

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Fruit d’Or only selects the best of nature: we use the best flowers, seeds and nuts in order to extract the best oils to offer tasty and healthy products. Thanks to our expertise, we have selected sunflower, rapeseed and linseed oils to create a unique and natural combination.

Fruit d’Or margarines are naturally rich in Omega 3 and good for your heart. At Fruit d’Or, just like our sunflowers, we choose to look on the bright side of life.

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Planta Fin, is your family’s gourmet ally. It is renowned for its unique formulation, both for its delicate, fresh taste, yet smooth creamy texture. Rich in vitamins A and D, low in fat and made from 100% vegetable oils, Planta Fin’s compositions are created with the help of nutritionists to contribute to the healthy balance of nutrition for your whole family. Planta Fin makes life easier because it is so versatile: Whether on toast, in cooking, baking, pastry, topping your dishes or simply as a savory flavoring. Planta Fin’s balanced and delicious recipes can be enjoyed with all your meals.

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We are pushing the boundaries of product design, finding innovative ways to use natural ingredients

Violife Professional logo

This is the brand for Upfield’s food service business, serving restaurants, hotels, bakeries and the food manufacturing industry in general. Our products are used in 6.2 Billion meals per year; as they make great-tasting food, are better for the planet, and are of significant relevance to customers wanting allergen-free, dairy-free, plant-based or vegan food. Food Service Professionals should visit the Violife Professional site, for a link to their respective country.

Violife Professional around the world