We know why we have strong values in terms of our products and in the way we do business.

Intelligibly, business values are no “soft issues” for us, as they translate into measurable economic benefit in numerous respects. Attitudes and values have turned out to be a “hard currency” for businesses – yielding prosperous and healthy results for all parts involved. We are transferring a set of insights and attitudes from Unilever and we will translate and mature these, as we are building Upfield.

The Compliance and Business Integrity Office is enabling us to link, bundle and focus strategic and operational targets in terms of risks, performance, values and legal requirements. It adds a crucial contribution to a total that is in fact more than the sum of its parts − in economic terms just as much as in personal and societal values.

Today, we are starting compliance management from a new beginning. We will continuously adapt and tailor it to the specific Upfield “genes” and requirements, as they develop over time. As David Haines stated in his letter on compliance to associates on “day 1” of Upfield, we will translate the Unilever Code of Business Principles and Code Policies into our context, granting continuity in compliance terms, just as in many other respects.