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Celebrating 100 Years of Rama: A Century of Delighting Consumers

Celebrating 100 Years of Rama: A Century of Delighting Consumers


Celebrating 100 Years of Rama: A Century of Delighting Consumers

Upfield is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in 2024: our beloved brand Rama is celebrating its 100th anniversary!

Since 1924, Rama has been an integral part of households worldwide, providing delicious and affordable spreads for generations.

The success story of Rama began at the end of the 19th century when German butter merchant Jan Jurgens acquired the patent for margarine, an inexpensive alternative to butter and a much-needed source of energy for the population. In 1924, Deutsche Jurgenswerke AG, founded by Jurgens, united its various margarine products under one name: Rahma (later renamed Rama).

Rama was one of the first brands to be advertised across the board, with its iconic logo featuring Jule, the lady with the hat, which still shapes the brand's identity today. The emotional anniversary motto, "Rama – there for you for 100 years!", reflects the brand's long-standing tradition and its commitment to accompanying people in their everyday moments.

Over the past century, Rama has expanded its product range to include spreads for baking, cooking, and frying. The market-leading Rama Culinesse, introduced in 2001, was one of the first liquid margarines available, while Rama Cremefine has been a popular cream alternative since 2004. In recent years, Rama has been focusing on plant-based products, with the latest innovation being Rama Sooo BUTTRIG!, a delicious tasting plant-based alternative.

As we celebrate this incredible milestone, we invite you to join us in honouring the enduring legacy of Rama and its 100 years of uplifting moments.