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Driving the Future of Food: Upfield Takes Center Stage at Davos 2024

Driving the Future of Food: Upfield Takes Center Stage at Davos 2024


Driving the Future of Food: Upfield Takes Center Stage at Davos 2024

Davos, Switzerland - Upfield's top leaders convened with prominent business executives, government officials and thought leaders this week at the World Economic Forum's 2024 Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

Group CEO David Haines, Chief Communications Officer Herman Betten and Chief Sustainability Officer, Sally Smith represented Upfield in high-level discussions on the crucial role of business in driving sustainable development and transforming the worlds food systems.

Over four days of agenda-setting events, Upfield engaged in solution-oriented dialogue on issues ranging from healthcare access, the use of Artificial Intelligence, to inclusive economic growth. They also shared Upfield's vision and efforts to transform food systems as pioneers in the plant-based sector.

A major highlight was Upfield hosting an exclusive Future of Food dinner in collaboration with Clim Eat, bringing together influential changemakers including ministers, business leaders, activists and academics to advance plant-based innovation through collaboration.

"Our time at Davos provided an invaluable opportunity to exchange ideas with visionaries across sectors on shaping the future of food and business," said David Haines, Upfield CEO.

"We intend to apply these learnings to further Upfield's mission of making people healthier and happier with great-tasting, plant-based nutrition that is better for the planet."

Herman Betten, Upfield's Chief Communications Officer, added: "Events like Davos are crucial to drive understanding of business' wider role in society and foster partnerships between the public and private sectors."

This year's World Economic Forum Annual Meeting convened over 2,700 leaders from 130 countries under the theme "Cooperation in a Fragmented World."

Upfield's presence and voice in these global discussions demonstrates its commitment to lead progress on sustainable development, while pioneering the Future of Food.