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As the world’s leading manufacturer of plant-based foods, we are committed to ensuring our consumers have access to foods that are not only good for the planet, but also good for you. In May 2021, we announced our commitment to deliver better nourishment by outperforming nutrition benchmarks target on the products we sell as part of our Environmental, Social and Government (ESG) commitments.  

Our Nutrition Benchmark Programme aims to deliver better nourishment, without compromising on product quality, taste and performance. We have set meaningful nutrition targets for our products based on the best science currently available, international scientific standards (i.e. WHO, FAO) and dietary guidelines for healthy eating patterns. Our products deliver on diverse propositions within different categories. Nutrients are added (e.g. Omega 3) or limited (e.g. Saturated Fat), to our products when they support the proposition and intended usage of the product. Our programme ensures our products will deliver on the desired nutrition composition and contribute to improving health through the provision of nutrients that target the world’s greatest public health areas of concern such as heart health and healthy growth and development for children. We have translated dietary intake recommendations into product formulation targets based on who uses the product, how they use it and frequency of use. We will report progress against these targets annually in our ESG reports. Read more

Our other pillars

  • Plant based

    GOAL: 1 billion people choose our delicious plant-based products.

  • Healthier lives

    Goal: 200 million lives positively impacted with access to affordable and healthy nutrition.

  • Better planet

    GOAL: Pioneer food that's better for the planet. Showcase our plant-based benefits while reducing our own footprint.